Was Britney Spears Kept In An Treatment Facility Against Her Will? That’s What Her Fans Are Protesting About!

Singing sensation Britney Spears has been an iconic figure in the world.of music. The singer has managed to dominate the musical world for all these years and counting. She has a wide range of fan following who considers her nothing less than a diva!


Fans Are Protesting And Asking Free Britney Spears From Treatment Facility! Here’s What We Know.

However, the singer has reportedly gone through a rough phase lately with struggling with some mental issues over the years. Her fans have always neem supporting of her but recently they all have come together and is demanding to free Britney Spears from a treatment facility where the singer is allegedly held against her will!


The whole protest is going by the hashtag #freeBritney and is gaining huge momentum overtime. These protestors who are Britney’s ardent fans have been rallying in front of the Hollywood City Hall. Take a look at all these images going viral all over social media.

The Protest Has Been Gaining Huge Momentum And The Pictures Are Going Viral. Have a Quick Look.

The protest is gaining worldwide attention with photos going viral overall social media sites. These protestors are claiming that it was not the singer’s but her manager’s decision to send her off to a treatment facility against her own will. Take a look at yet another protest rally post on social media urging to release the pop star!


We have rarely seen such a huge protest for a singing sensation earlier and seems like Britney have quite the fan following who are loyal to her and are now protesting to release her from the treatment facility. Is she really held against her own will?