Did Yolanda Hadid have a hand in helping to hide Ghislaine Maxwell? Here’s what Gigi Hadid has to say.

Ghislaine Maxwell who was accused of girl child trafficking and asking those girls to indulge in sexual activities with men was arrested for the same. She was hiding after the sex trafficking charges that were placed on Epstein in 2019.


The story involves many others who were accused of letting the accused hide in their custody. One of them was Van Ess who later denied the charges of letting Ghislane come in her custody to hide from an arrest. Another person in the picture was Yolanda Hadid who was supposedly thought of having hidden Maxwell at her place.



Why is Yolanda Hadid denying the charges put on her?

The accused was caught using the IP address of her place and was the place where Maxwell was supposedly suspected of hiding. The place where she was hiding was not known to many and was tough to detect by others. How she was suspected there was amusing as in one of the tweets that Maxwell had posted, there was a mention about her place, the scenic beauty of their home was described in it and the tweet later went deleted.


The daughter of Hadid wrote on the event in her mother’s defense. She claimed that she had never known about the tweet until some of her acquaintances mentioned it to her and that enforced her to clarify that it wasn’t her mother who gave her shelter. The denial comes from the Hadid and they refuse to take the blame of hiding the accused as that happened until their supervision and they would never let custody to an accused.


The statements made seem meaningless until they are cross-checked by the concerned authorities. Waiting to see what comes as an outcome to the case, who is the one to be blamed, and whether the HAdids were right in defending themselves or gameplay.