It seems Tekashi 6ix9ine just got lucky with his love life as he got the most loyal girlfriend! Check it out.

Being a celebrity is not easy. It is a task that requires great peace of mind and understanding so that they do not end up giving rise to their enemies in the world of entertainment or the profession that they have. Hollywood and the entertainment industry has witnessed some good performers, from singers, dancers, artists to actors, there have been people that have been a product of the industry and have run the industry with their talent that they are now known for.

The work that they did gave them a new image with which they are now known. However, with many people who are supportive of themselves, there can be a bunch of people that hate an artist that has a huge fan base. Not always do the number of followers on social media show the fame of a star or the name that they have furnished, rather their support to their favorite stars at times of need is what determines their love for the artists or performers. Tekashi 6ix9ine is an example of one of those people who can’t rely on the number of followers that they have and rather the support that they get from them.

What proved the fake fan following of him?

Recently, his song and album were released on the stores that gained fewer views and more criticism by his fans, his experience with disloyal fans has been clear with the past that testified his fake followers who although pretend to be followers of him, in reality, give his nothing but betrayals.

Despite the amount of negativity around, he was supported by his girlfriend who supported him at times of sorrow and mistrust among his fans towards him that he had to deal with.