An Ode to Jeremy Strong As Kendall Roy on ‘Succession’

Have you listened to Kendall Roy’s rap about his father Logan in “Succession”?.

The song was there in an episode that was released around two weeks ago. “Succession” is the popular American drama-comedy television series which was premiered first on 3rd June a year ago.

The series was premiered on HBO. Currently, the series running through its second season. The character represents the sort of try-hard business bro who earnestly refers to a website as a portfolio of online brands and digital video content.

Kendall is mostly known for his ineffable and mostly used as meme content in social media.
Kendall Roy portrayed by Jeremy Strong vacillates between extreme ends of the comedic and dramatic spectrum.

In the episode, Kendall also credited his fellow Squiggle for helping him make this amazing piece of art. Though the scene also faced some critic reviews as full of cringe.

Also, HBO has recently announced an official remix of the “Succession” theme bu Pusha T titled “Puppets(Succession Remix)” which is going to be released this Friday, just in time for the second season finale on Sunday.