Brace Up, Anime Lovers, a Netflix Series Based on Award Winning Novel ‘Japan Sinks 2020’ will Release This Year Globally.

Based on the disaster novel Japan Sinks 2020 by Sakyo Komatsu, director Masaaki Yuasa is coming up with a new anime series. Naoya Wada is a designer of the characters of this anime series, and Kensuke Ushio is doing the music composition of the anime.

The declaration about this series was made on October 9, 2019. The novel Japan Sinks 2020 has won many awards, including 27th Mystery Writers of Japan Award. Two live-action movies based on this novel were released. A TV show also was formed in 1975.


Release date

You can expect this anime series, on Netflix, in 2020 all around the world. The series is expected to be released worldwide in 190 countries.

 Voice Cast 

The voices are offered to the anime characters by the following people. The voice of the warrior Ayumu is lent by Reina Ueda. Tomo Muranaka offers the voice of   GoYūko, Sasaki, as Mari and Masaki Terasoma as Koichiro.


The plot of anime series, Japan Sinks 2020, mainly concentrates on the story of the novel by Sakyo Komatsu. The series tries to explain how earthquakes and volcanic eruptions will result in the sinking of islands in Japan.

And also it portrays, outcomes of the disasters which are faced by the affected people.  This anime series is a new version of the novel and differs a little bit from the novel and live-action movies, which were earlier released.

This Netflix anime adaptation is based on the original novel. The series mainly focuses on the story of an ordinary family that was never highlighted before, in any of the previous movies or shows. This is the novelty of the anime.

As of now, we don’t have much information about the details of the series, other than we can expect it somewhere in 2020.