Alex Trebek from “Jeopardy!” is Not Afraid of Death. Talks About His Cancer Treatment and Working at Jeopardy

Alex Trebek who is the host of the classic game show Jeopardy! told in an interview that his sickness is preventing him to host the show properly. He has been taking chemotherapy for his stage four pancreatic cancer which makes it difficult for him to work.

Trebek told Good Morning America that he had discontinued chemo but started it again last month. He has lost a lot of weight and the numbers relating to his cancer started rising up sharply.

Trebek still works in Jeopardy!

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The seventy-nine-year-old game show host talked to the Canadian television network CTV. In the interview, he told that even though he is still working on the show, some days prove to be very tough for him. When he gets his chemo treatment his eyesight gets a little compromised and he has a problem in seeing. The next day he feels pain in his joints, he told the network. His speech also gets messed up since he gets sores in his mouth because of the treatment which interferes with his work.

For now, he said, he will continue working with the show Jeopardy! as long as his skills keep up with him and don’t diminish. He also stated that people in the audience might have noticed his predicament but they are forgiving towards him. He further said that there will come a time when the fans and the producers will rather have him retire and rest.

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A classic portrait of a legend.

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Trebek first came out to talk about his diagnosis of stage four pancreatic cancer last year in March.

In May, Trebek and his doctors told people that he was on the road of recovery against cancer. His response to the treatment was incredible and he was “near remission”. That was what his doctors had said. Trebek had responded pretty well to the chemo treatments considering the fact that the overall survival rate for pancreatic cancer is only 9%.

No longer afraid of death

Trebek had resumed his shoots at Jeopardy! in August post his treatment for the thirty-fifth season. Then his numbers went up 50% higher than before due to which he had to resume his chemo treatment. He is now content with his life and said that he is not afraid of his death.