A story of a decade-long relationship of the Hollywood Stars-Liam and Miley!! They separated and moved in their lives with their new lover. Check out the story.

The journey of the love story of Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus is one of the Hollywood couple’s stories, who had a decade-long relationship with love, fights, break-ups, and even a broken engagement but still a couple reached the destination of their love, they had their wedding ceremony in December 2018.

The journey from dating to engagement

The love story of Liam and Miley started in 2009 at the set of film Nicholas Spark’s The last song. Miley revealed him as her best friend in the interview with Seventeen in November 2009.

And, then later in 2010, both Liam and Miley expose their relationship by making their red-carpet debut at an Oscars Awards function.

They had many break-ups and fights between 2009 to 2019. But after every break-up, they found their way back together again. After three years of dating, the couple decides to name their relationship, and they got engaged in 2012.

The break-up and Patch-up Story

In 2013, the engagement ended. They ended their engagement as Miley grew up, and they started having trust issues with Liam, and she felt that the relationship was less than faithful to her.

After a break-up of two years, they were just unable to stop themselves from meeting with each other. In 2016, they found their way to come back together.

Again, having a loving relationship of almost three years, a couple decided to get married. And in December 2018, they just tied a tight knot to their relationship with a secret wedding ceremony.

Unfortunately, the couple was unable to keep this relationship to the next level. Just in the one and a half years of wedding, they separated.

And Finally, both Liam and Miley have moved in their lives. They’ve founded their new lovers after their separation. Liam is in a relationship with a well-known actress Maddison Brown, and the singer Miley is in a relationship with Cody Simpson, and for now, both of them are happy in their lives with their new lovers.

But yes, the fact cannot be denied that “The love story of Liam and Miley is unforgettable.”