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A Huge Secret Is Revealed About Tessa Thompson’s Character In Westworld Season 3! Check it out!

After a rather long hiatus, sci-fi thriller drama Westworld season 3 aired and let’s just say it has unleaded too many twists and turns for fans. How in the recent episodes of the third season, one of the biggest secrets was revealed and fans need to know about this.

A Huge Secret Is Revealed About Tessa Thompson’s Character In Westworld! Have a Look.

While there was a whole lot of speculations about all the host bodies Dolores was working with and well, it turns out all of them were copies of Dolores herself! This now implies that the actress was playing a version of Dolores disguised as Delos executive Charlotte Hale all along.

Even the co-creators haven’t informed the actress that which host she was meant to be even during the second season finale! It was finally when the preproduction started for the much-awaited third season, both Joy and Nolan revealed the real truth about the second Dolores-in-Charlotte copy! Keep an eye out on the final episodes as the season finale is nearing as we wait for the story to unfold. Have a look at this short teaser.

Is Dolores Going To Return For Season 4 Of Westworld?

While the showrunner has pretty much teased the possibility of Dolores might not be returning for the fourth season, the big revelation was still a big shock but not a surprising one considering the roller coaster ride the series is in general!

Don’t forget to watch the latest episodes of the sci-fi thriller as Dolores explains to Caleb how the system shows people are unworthy of investment. We might also see Dolores and Chalores are both struggling and learning to operate in the world.

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