A shocking twist happened in the finale episode of The Politician season 2! Check it out.


Netflix political comedy drama series The Politician Season 2 is finally here and let’s just say it’s more than fans can expect. Moreover, the season pretty much ended on a rather high cliffhanger that made fans looking out for more.


The Politician Season 2 Had A Mind-Boggling Ending! Have a Look.

The twist with which the second season ended was totally uncalled for and fans are in for a rollercoaster ride if they haven’t already seen the second season! A lot has happened over the course of the second season for several characters.


While Payton seems to be prepared for his big speech, it seems like it was revealed by McAfee that they already counted the votes in the stolen ballot box and Payton would have won anyway! If you haven’t already binge watched the second season, you might do that as soon as possible as Payton has done things that might have dangerous consequences!


What’s In-Store For Payton Next? Is There Going To Be Season 3?

While by the end of the second season, we saw that Payton is all set to run unopposed in the re-election while Mcafee is engaged to some other guy. Payton on the other hand has no intention to run for higher office as we saw in the season finale.

Moreover, while Payton‚Äôs actions were justified by the end, we also saw that Dede might make some changes by letting young people like Payton hold power in the face of an unprecedented global scenario. So, as the second season ended with a hope that there might be a third season coming back with more stories about Payton and the other characters as well! It’s a lot as far as the story is concerned!