A Houstan mother, 22, went crazy and murdered her kids son, 2, and 10 months baby girl!!

Once again humanity came on knees when a mother herself murdered her kids.

Brittany Velasquez, 22, has been arrested in the charge of the murder of her two-year-old son Christopher and ten months old daughter Brooklyn who were found dead in their car outside their family home in Arizona.

Brooklyn and Christopher Velazquez
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Both the children were subjected to exposure outside their home Arizona, a coroner ruled.

The mother had been widowed nine months back before the death of her children.

People have subjected Brittany for not having normal behavior all around.

She has been subjected to a police investigation, when one of her relatives claimed that she had stolen their fur coat back on January 1.

Brittany has been imparting such odd behavior even before when she used to leave her children with family care center and would suddenly disappear for long periods.

Right now she has been due to be sentenced in February 2020, where she is expected to get jailed for 20 years.

She has been charged to second-degree murder and child abuse concerning the death of her kids who were found dead been strapped into their car seats.

Reports have been filed against her before too but due to lack of shreds of evidence, the authorities shut the case of child abuse against her children.

On, January 5, Brittany was once again reported to have been disappeared after leaving children with her mother once again. But on further investigation, the report got neglected because DCS learned that Brittany used to often go outside for work while her mother took care of her kids.

DCS even paid a visit to the daycare center to know that if there was any child abuse against the two kids.

But they returned empty-handed since there wasn’t any sign of abuse.

Meanwhile, Brittany’s family has become more concerned about her mental state.

They have claimed her to be not being mentally stable, her brother Vincent told in an interview that his sister has been suffering from chronic mental illness; but she always denied to receive any treatment for it.

“We tried,” Vincent told FOX10. “We begged CPS to take the kids. We begged the cops. Nothing would happen. The only thing we can do. We can’t kidnap the kids. My grandparents let them stay in the house. Other than that, that’s all we can do, know they are in a home, being fed.”

But the mental health report so far showed a contrast in view stating that there aren’t any pieces of evidence to show that her mental illness was a barrier to be a nice parent.