10 Little Known Facts About One of Hollywood’s Biggest Heartthrobs, ‘Leonardo DiCaprio’

Here are some interesting facts about the actor who hasn’t left the spotlight since Titanic came out in ’97 and kept wowing the audience 

He’s not just a brilliant actor who has got both the looks and the skills but is also an environmentalist. And in 2016, he finally won his first Oscar for Best Actor, even when each one of his performance was Oscar-worthy. Thank you, Revenant, for giving our man what he deserved.

Image Credit: Oscars

Now here are some lesser-known facts about the actor

  1. Not the first choice for Jack: The makers of Titanic actually wanted Matthew McConaughey to be cast as Jack, but director James Cameron insisted on DiCaprio.
  2. Inception: Inception’s director Christopher Nolan zeroed in on DiCaprio for the lead role, then left the casting decisions entirely on him for the rest of the characters.
  3. Name changing: When he started out, his agent suggested he change his name to Lenny Williams so that he would sound “more American.” He declined, of course.
  4. Not instant buddies: While they’re best friends now, DiCaprio didn’t initially get along with The Basketball Diaries co-star Mark Wahlberg.
  5. A 2-decade journey to win the grand price: DiCaprio was first nominated for an Academy Award in 1994 at the age of 19 for his role in What’s Eating Gilbert Grape. It took him more than 20 years to finally win the golden statuette.
  6. Booked: DiCaprio once donated a roomful of computers and supplies to the Los Felix Library in 1998. The library was built on the site where his childhood home once stood.
  7. A missed opportunity: Quentin Tarantino originally wanted DiCaprio in the role of Landa on Inglorious Bastards, but he refused the role, and it went to Christoph Waltz, who went on to win his first Oscar for his massive performance.
  8. A skilled shooter: DiCaprio has been trained to shoot a gun by Thell Reed, a quick-draw expert who also trained fellow actors Edward Norton, Val Killer, Brad Pitt, and Russel Crowe.
  9. Not Spidey either: DiCaprio was considered for Peter Parker’s role in Sam Raimi’s Spiderman (2002), but it went to his close friend Tobey Maguire.
  10. Orphan adoption: During the shoot of Blood Diamond, DiCaprio sort of adopted a South African baby girl who he met at an orphanage. He still talks with her on the phone on a regular basis and sends her a cheque once a month.