Moon Knight to Deliver a Positive Message About Mental Health, Says Writer

The series will introduce one of the most complex Marvel superheroes

We are getting closer to the release of Marvel Studios’ Moon Knight. The series tells the story of Marc Spector, a mercenary-turned-vigilante suffering from dissociative identity disorder. And while a great deal of the show will deal with his mental illness, the show’s head writer Jeremy Slater says it will have a more positive message on mental health.

How the writers prepared

Moon Knight
Marvel Studios

Moon Knight is as dark as it gets, like Daredevil or the Punisher. However, the MCU has some requirements to fulfill, such as inspiring audiences. In an interview with USA Today, Slater said that whatever they are putting put will be ultimately good and uplifting. The synopsis and trailer shows the character struggling throughout. When the vigilante comes to life, the human side goes to sleep, so he has no idea on his other lives, or if he’s sleeping or awake.

In a newer synopsis, it stated that both Marc Spector and Steven Grant must navigate their identities as they get thrust into a deadly mystery. So far, we have seen Steven, Marc, Moon Knight, and Mr. Knight through the trailers and posters.

Oscar Isaac on the character

Moon Knight
Marvel Studios

Oscar Isaac’s first Marvel project was 2016’s X-Men: Apocalypse. However, the movie failed, and Isaac hated how difficult the character’s getup was. In the Actors on Actors interview with Jared Leto, Isaac said Moon Knight felt like a ‘handmade’ character. He is the first legitimate Marvel character study since Iron Man. Isaac also said that he never heard of the hero before joining the series.

About his future, Oscar said that he has no idea about his future. It all depends on the show’s success. However, he said he’s very excited to play the role, especially Steven Grant again.

Moon Knight arrives on Disney+ March 30.