Katy Perry Finally Gets Her Way Clear Out Of The Copyright Lawsuit

Katy Perry Finally Gets Verdict On Copyright Infringement Allegations

With music artists often facing copyright infringement, there’s one that happened with Katy Perry. She was alleged with copyright infringement for her single “Dark Horse” that came out in the year 2013. While she was alleged by the rapper Flame for having the eight note ostinato in her Dark Horse single that belonged to Flame. The verdict has now came in favour of her.

Katy Perry faced lawsuit of copyright on “Dark Horse” single

Katy Perry

Marcus Gray who is known by the stage name as Flame claimed that an eight note ostinato from his song Joyful Noise of 2009 was taken up by the singer in her single “Dark Horse”. Owing to which she and the Capitol Records faced lawsuit by Flame.

Moreover, they were also imposed with a verdict to pay the rapper a sum of $2.8 million. In response to which Perry had appealed to the court to change the verdict. Luckily she now has been set free from the charges of copyright on her.

Dark Horse singer won’t be paying rapper Flame $2.8m

Dark Horse
Instagram/ Katy Perry

As a relief to the singer, the judge of the ninth circuit court has stated in the verdict that such similarities of the ostinato to be punishable can be a barrier for the musical creativity. Meanwhile, the judge has ruled out that Katy won’t have to pay rapper Flame the sum of $2.8m or £2.1m.

Not to miss, this wasn’t the first time when a known musical artist faced a copyright lawsuit over their songs. Ed Sheeran’s hit song “ Shape Of You” too came in the radar of copyright infringement. Dua Lipa too has similar copyright claim on her song titled “Levitating”. However, despite Katy Perry being found liable for the copyright case, her appeal to challenge the verdict came as a big relief for her this year.