The Whole NXIVM Scandal has Come Up with More Disturbing and Shocking Facts

The infamous controversial sex cult NXIVM that soon turned into a crime place of all kinds of horrific actions that are beyond human imagination got worldwide attention after the whole scandal was exposed.

The Whole NXIVM Controversy Is Getting More Twisted With Time!

The controversy was even adapted into a nine-part documentary series on HBO following the whole story and how the founder and leader of the cult, Keith Raniere started a sex cult that made way to big crimes including sex trafficking and racketeering. Here’s the official trailer of the series that has put forward some of the survivor stories and it will surely shock you beyond imagination.

India Oxenberg came forward with her poignant story of how she survived as a sex slave and how she was subjected to sexual abuse for a long time. However, the founder was not the only one who is facing a severe punishment but many other names have come who are equally guilty as well.

Several Victims Have Come Up And Testified Against The Founder In The Court

Moreover, the atrocities that Keith inflicted on his victims have not been wholly exposed until recently when some of the survivors testified against him. One even said that she got pregnant at a very young age after being sexually abused right after her 18th birthday. However, the baby was aborted and she was also confined in a room for ethical breach.

While the founder has been sentenced to 120 years in prison, it seems like the atrocities will always make us wonder how far can one go to manipulate the human mind for their own benefits. This scandal is surely an eye opener for many.