Here are the top Possible theories about Rey Rivera’s death from ‘Unsolved Mysteries’! Check it out.

The incident remains one of the biggest mysteries, even after 15 years

Netflix had recently rebooted Unsolved Mysteries and it kicks off with one heck of a case. It’s about the disappearance of 32- year old Baltimore resident Rey Rivera, who was found dead at Belvedere Hotel a week later. The information regarding the case had been conflicting which led to authorities still scratching their heads to this day, but two main theories still remain.

Possible outcomes

Unsolved Mysteries throws light to some major aspects of the case. It showed that Rivera and his wife Allison shifted to Baltimore so that he will be able to write financial letters for his friend Porter Standberry’s investment strategies company. Before his disappearance, Rivera had been on edge and seemed fixated that someone had been stalking them. On May 16, 2006, he ran out of his home after receiving a call late at night.

A week later, his body was discovered in a conference room at the hotel. There had been a narrow hole in the ceiling which suggested that he could have fallen down but the cause of death was still “undetermined.”


Let’s check the theories. Theory one states that Rivera had a mental illness and committed suicide. He even left behind a small note showing that he was perhaps, not of sound mind.

Theory two states that it was his work at Agora Inc, that Stansberry’s company was associated with. Apparently, Rivera had lost someone a great deal of money by buying stocks that weren’t rebounding. Another case was that before Rivera was hired, Stansberry’s company had been under investigation by the Securities and Exchange Commission for scamming people. The company had to pay fines for it. Some speculate that this may have been due to Rivera’s Rebound Report and he had been killed due to it.

Rivera and his family – mother Maria, sister, brother Angel and his father (Netflix)


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