Want to hear Samuel L. Jackson go ahead with a swearing masterclass in 15 languages? Well you might just be lucky.

Samuel L. Jackson, the incredible actor who also has Academy Award nominations to his credit came up with a really interesting idea to increase awareness among the public to vote in the upcoming election. The actor said that if people register themselves for voting in 2020 Presidential Election of US, he’ll be teaching them how to swear. Isn’t it interesting? Well, not now because we haven’t revealed the full news. Read below to find out what interesting stuff is hidden in it.


Samuel L. Jackson released a video of himself on his twitter handle. In the video we see the 71 year old actor saying that he’ll teach his fans to swear in fifteen different languages if only 2500 of his huge count of followers click on the link provided by him and make sure that they register themselves for voting. The link for registration of voters is “headcount.org”.

The above mentioned link will take the fans into a different website named headcount. The website assists people to register themselves as voters, check their registration status and even make their voting plan.


His post went viral in no time and was able to gain a lot of positive responses. Fans were really impressed by the idea he came up with to encourage people who aren’t interested into politics to give their votes. One of the followers responded that she’ll go and register herself just now. And some said that although they have already registered for voting they would really love to watch the actor swear in 15 different languages.


Meanwhile, fans are also desperate to watch him back on the big screen into his legendary role as Nick Fury in the Marvel movie series.