Tyler Hubbard’s daughter had a slight incident and he visited her in the hospital along with his family. Check it out.

We recently got to hear that Tyler Hubbard, the singer of Florida Georgia Line got injured due to a fall. However, nothing worse happened and he was getting ready recovered from the injuries. Unfortunately, now he’s not the only member in the house who suffered from the problem. Another sad incident happened in the house when his eldest daughter, Olivia got tumbled.


In no time the three year old little girl was taken to Vanderbilt University Children’s Hospital. It happened on 15th September, Tuesday. The small girl had to go through a lot of pain in the treatment too. The doctor had to give stitches on her chin. And this doesn’t end here.

Tyler Hubbard’s wife, Hayley Hubbard is gonna have their third baby. The delivery date is anytime soon and thus, the incident seemed to happen in a bad time. Olivia is small now and needs her mother at this moment. Whereas, Hayley has to be in the hospital because the baby can be born any day.


Hayley on her social media account tagged the official page of the hospital and showed her gratitude towards them for taking such good care of her daughter Olivia. At first Hayley was scared for her daughter but after the great care provided by the hospital she was a bit relaxed. She concluded saying that the healthcare workers are indeed an angel.


She also revealed that the accident happened because Olivia fell off the coffee table that’s in the living room of their house. However, the most interesting part of the video was when Olivia boasted that she was so brave. Fans just loved the way the little girl talked in the video.