Has Gigi Hadid already given birth? Is the baby a boy or a girl? We are just as curious- so check this out!

We already told you sometime ago that Gigi Hadid was pregnant. Ever since the news came out, fans were desperately waiting for her baby’s birth. Zayn and Gigi made the news about her pregnancy official in the month of April. Also after the news revelation, Gigi kept up with her style and fashion and had a Photoshoot showing her baby bump. And now, the letter from Gigi’s father suggests that the baby might have born.


However, there is no confirmation from the couple whether the baby is a girl or a boy. But according to the rumors spread during her pregnancy, there are high chances that the baby would be a girl.


Recently, Bella Hadid posted a picture of herself along with Gigi Hadid in which both of their stomach were touching each other. Whereas, she also added a caption to the picture which clearly showed her excitement. She wrote that she just can’t wait for the birth of her older sister’s baby.


In the caption, Bella said that their babies are bun and they are presently in the oven, with which she refered to her’s and Gigi’s womb. And she also conveyed her love towards Gigi and Zayn.

Gigi on the other hand, responded to the post by saying nothing but just with smiling emojis.


Usually, Gigi remains active on Instagram but she hardly posted about her pregnancy. Fans wondered why she was silent about it and so, Gigi disclosed the reason to them. And according to us, the reason is really apt. She said that there’s a lot of problems going on right now, the pandemic for instance. Thus, her pregnancy is not an important matter for now.