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Will And Grace Leading Star Debra Messing Confessed About Being Too Skinny And Dealing With Mental Health Issues! Check it out.

Popular comedy sitcom Will And Grace leading star Debra Messing made a huge revelation during her initial time in the series.

Will And Grace star Debra Messing Made Some Shocking Relations About Herself! Have a Look.

Apparently, the actress confessed that her weight issues affected her mental health during her initial time on the comedy series. While she was gaining huge popularity as Grace Adler back in 1998, her physical condition deteriorated terribly. She was even admitted to the hospital as her weight loss was at an alarming rate!

The actress soon lost tremendous wright at an alarming level and she was size 2 from being the size 8. She went to talk about her condition to the podcast host Jameela Jamil, that she could not fit into clothes and was soon spiraling into depression. She started hating her body and herself. Listen to this exclusive podcast.

She Opened Up About Her Own Mental Health And Weight Issues!

Adding to all the facts, Jamil added that the year 1998 had this insane obsession of being thin as the perfect beauty standard for women in Hollywood. They aimed to be wildly slim and slender. Actress and activist Jameela Jamil has been a strong supporter of body positive issues and has been voicing her concerns about women going through body image issues. This new confession from Messing has surely put things into a more perspective.

Messing said that when she was the size 2 all of a sudden, she could fit into all.kinds of high-end fashionable dress. It was as if everything seems to open up for the actress. However, this new slim figure came with some dangerous aftermath soon. Due to her deteriorating health, she was soon admitted to the hospital!

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