Ryan Reynolds Makes Hugh Jackman’s New Coffee Commercial Into Yet Another Meme! It seems their playful rivalry is never ending!

Reynolds did the voiceover for his frenemy’s company Laughing Man Coffee’s latest ad

Ryan Reynolds is a true blessing to our generation. And what’s an even bigger blessing is his ongoing feud with Hugh Jackman. The two make for an even more hilarious pair who hates each other than Jimmy Kimmel and Matt Damon.

Hugh Jackman launched his brand Laughing Man Coffee in 2011, and Ryan had been associated with it for more than a year now, just like Hugh’s association with his brand Aviation Gin. And now Reynolds is providing the narrative for Laughing Man Coffee’s latest ad, and the person who is subjected to all the trolling is none other than the owner, Hugh Jackman.


The ad

Jackman shared it on his social media, with the caption, “An honest glimpse into a day in my life.” It starts off with Jackman waking up in a sour mood. Reynolds starts listing his accomplishments, which are very flattering, but what we see is Jackman doing the exact opposite. We see him throwing his alarm clock, yelling at kids playing on the street and being rude to his dog.

But the ad closed on a positive note, just like most ads the duo do for their companies. It ended with Ryan saying, “Hugh Jackman founded Laughing Man Coffee so he could give back 100% of his profits to the fair trade farmers who grow it, and also to make himself way less of an a**hole. That coffee is actual magic.”

Both actors are experiencing success in their ventures, and Ryan is especially gifted at making creative ads for Aviation Gin and his other company, Mint Mobile.


The only thing left for the two actors to do is to team up as Wolverine on Deadpool for a movie, but in a grander way than X Men Origins: Wolverine. 

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