Robert Pattinson Wants to Star in Planet of the Apes and Dune Sequel

The Batman is running successfully in theatres worldwide

Robert Pattinson, fresh of the success of The Batman, talks about his future ambitions in a new interview. Pattinson made a big debut with movies like Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and in the Twilight franchise. However, he stayed away from blockbusters since then and sharpened his acting tool with smaller projects. This includes The Rover, The Lighthouse, and Good Time, among others. Thanks to these roles, Pattinson has incredible range and can transform fully into the character he plays. Since Tenet, the actor seems to want to return to blockbusters.

Films Pattinson is looking out for

Planet of the Apes
20th Century Fox

Pattinson’s goals are easy to understand: to be part of movies with talented directors. In The Batman‘s case, his interest became an obsession after Ben Affleck’s exit, and Matt Reeves came aboard. In an interview with Variety, Robert speaks about The Planet of the Apes franchise, that Reeves had handled before. He thought that what Matt was able to achieve with mo-cap was unbelievable, and it gave him confidence to act under him.

Aside from the Apes movies, Pattinson wants to act in the sequels to Dune and Sicario. As we know, Dune is an epic story that is far from over, with many important characters yet to arrive. Besides, both Dune and Sicario has Denis Villeneuve as director. The French-Canadian filmmaker is known for creating movies with ethereal visuals, sounds, and dark subjects.

Dune characters fit for Pattinson

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Several evil Harkonnens in the Dune storyline are yet to be introduced, and the cast has not been announced either. Pattinson is a good fit for Feyd Rautha Harkonnen, the Baron’s power-hungry nephew. Or he can play Shaddam Corrino IV, the jealous ruler of the Imperium. He can also draw everyone’s attention as Shaddam’s advisor/assassin Count Fenring.

Let’s hope the actor can get some brilliant roles and leave the Twilight image behind.