Reese Witherspoon’s daughter Ava Phillipe just turned 21 and Reese shared some beautiful pictures from the occasion! Check it out.

Hollywood actress Reese Witherspoon  shares pictures of her children on social media very often. Specially, their pictures will be frequently seen on her Instagram account. The actress always shared about the amazing stuffs that her children are upto. On 9 September, 2020 she shared a picture of her daughter, the picture was of her 21st birthday.

Not just the picture but the message she wrote for,  Ava Phillipe her daughter was really heartfelt and full of emotions. Get to know all the details about her post below:

Reese Witherspoon has two children, a daughter Ava about which we mentioned above and a sixteen years old son, Deacon Phillipe. Both the children are from her ex husband, Ryan Phillipe. Reese herself is 44 years old but in the photo that she posted along with her daughter, they seem like sisters. The mother-daughter duo has a large number of fans who get delighted seeing them together.

Two pictures of Ava was shared by her mother Reese. The first picture shows both of them together, posing for the camera. While the second picture is of the time Ava was very small. The picture was a black and white one in which Ava is holding a fairy and is busy looking at the cake she was served.

The Oscar winning actress wrote a caption to the picture which will melt everyone’s heart down, she wrote that her small baby girl is grown up now, that’s unbelievable. Moreover, she continued her words by wishing her daughter a very happy 21st birthday. And gave her a lot of blessings for everything she wants to accomplish in future and everything she has already accomplished. The picture also got a lot of love in the comment section.