Selena Gomez spoke about her experience in the ‘Revival’ album and said she was forced to be more like an adult and be sexual! Check out what she had to say.

The gorgeous Selena Gomez recently opened up about the struggles she had to go through when she was new in the entertainment industry. The twenty eight years old singer also included the Allure issue that happened in October. In addition, she also talked about how after Wizards of Waverly  Place her day to day life got affected.

She brought up the extremely popular Disney Channel show Hannah Montana which ran for six years and said that she felt like she was trapped and her personal life was openly disclosed to everyone. This made her feel claustrophobic.

Even minute things like her weight and dating life became a matter of discussion for the media which ultimately was impossible for her to handle.

After the completion of Wizards, Gomez shifted her focus to music and released some popular songs like Star Dance and Revival, both launched in the year 2013 and 2015 respectively. Talking about Revival Gomez revealed that she had a feeling that overtly sexual scenes were demanded in some of her music videos.

She was demanded to be more like an adult in her albums while she also needed to get more skin exposure. And it made her feel really uncomfortable.

Layer she spoke up about how lucky she was to get selected for being the protagonist in one of the Disney Channel shows. However, now the singer has learned to live with the fact that whatever happens, she can’t prevent people from interfering into her personal life.

Thus, she has also learned to tolerate all these things and take care of her health because the singer got bipolar disorder in April. And she is also spreading awareness about mental health through her social media handles.