Rebel Wilson is winning hearts in her new pictures in swimsuit. Read below to know more inside story

The 40 year old Australian actress Rebel Wilson was recently captured in a stunning swimsuit. Since then her fans are going crazy about her transformation. There were many pictures of Wilson going viral but this picture is incredible and she looks amazing in it. Rebel is currently in a relationship with 29 year old Jacob Busch who has helped Rebel a lot in loosing her weight. Moreover, Rebel is doing a lot of hard work since January. She has definitely come a long way in respect of her health related journey.

What is so special in her recent swimsuit picture?

Well, the actress have work a lot on her health and it is very appreciating. She was spotted in a olive green swim suit with a deep neck in v shape along with a zipper in it. In addition, she was wearing a cap which was completing her look. One of her fan remarked her as a “next bind girl”. The weight loss journey of Rebel is very inspiring. Anyways, Rebel already had a plan to have ride of  health journey in beginning of 2020 and she has clearly succeeded in it.


Courtesy: Instagram

Moreover, this was her new year resolution and she said it in her Instagram post. She called 2020 “The Year of Health”. However, she has to change the strategy amid corona virus. In fact, Rebel Wilson also suffer from emotional eating disorder. Wilson said that the first step towards weight loss was to figure out why she was going through eating disorder which indeed was a step towards self-love. She also said that one of the main reason of her increasing weight was polycystic ovarian syndrome. Rebel was diagnosed with the syndrome at the age of 20.