Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban recently welcomed a new member to their family! Who is it?

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban have two kids and now a new member is added to their family. No, not a new baby. But it’s a lovely black and white rescue cat named Louis. Nicole Kidman gave this news to his fans through his Instagram and introduced Louis, the cat on 21st September.

The 53 year old Big Little Lies star have also posted pictures with the furry new family member. She posted an adorable photo in which she and the cat are rubbing their noses and she captioned it with the introduction about the cat. She said that Louis is the newest member of the fur family.

And just after that we see a video in which Nicole is heard saying to the cat that they all love her and she is welcomed to her new house. Meanwhile, Louis was comfortably laying on a couch and seemed to be really happy in the company of his superstar owners.

Well, it’s obvious that the photo posted by Nicole got a lot of comments. And the comments admired the beauty and cuteness of the cat. Some said that it was really precious while some admired the couple for doing such a great job by adopting a rescued cat.

During this lockdown period, Nicole has a great time with her family. A few days before her post about the cat, she posted a photo of herself along with her husband and country music megastar, Keith. The picture was shot in an idyllic farm and both of them were looking so sweet giving major couple goals.

While the main motive of her post was to promote her husband’s new music album. She captioned the post as it feels the same when she listens to Keith’s new launched album.