The Witcher is getting a new prequel series of its own and the lead actor might be Jason Momoa! Check out for all updates.

The Witcher is one of the most popular series that people are watching now a days. And the protagonist, Jason Momoa after all he is in the lead role of the DC comic adaptation with the highest grossing made by any film of the franchise. Although, Aquaman by DCEU has a wide amount of popularity on the small screen.

The breakthrough role of his career was Stargate Atlantis‘ Ronan Dex which was a 73 episodes long series. And how can we forget his role as Khal Drogo in the legendary show, Game of Thrones Season 1. Although he appeared in just eleven episodes, the actor became of the most loved characters of it.

Following these tremendously popular shows, Momoa also starred in a less famous show, The Red Road. He appeared in it for only two seasons. His next project was the underrated historical drama by Netflix, Frontier and currently, he has signed for a show named See which will premier on Apple Tv+ and it is a science fiction series.

Of Course, fans are desperately waiting to see the 41 year old actor back. So here’s a good news for y’all, his next appearance will be in the show inspired by a novel Dune. And yes, how can we forget the most awaited, Aquaman 2. However, for this we’ll have to wait till December 2022.

Since there’s a lot of time left for the release of Aquaman 2, we could probably see him in the upcoming prequel series by Netflix, Blood Origin. This is actually a spinoff for The Witcher series and Daniel Richman has confirmed that Momoa will be in one of the lead roles. However, the exact release date for the same isn’t confirmed yet.