These are all the superheroes that Thanos fought in Avengers Infinity War and End Game!

MCU fans have always been keen to hear about all the MCU movies. So here’s the list of all your favourite MCU heroes Thanos have fought in Endgame and infinity war. Josh Brolin had to face these Avengers: Infinity war and Avengers: End Game heroes personally.

The purple villain is the best and the biggest villain Marvel’s have ever had. Thus, it was a huge pressure on them to present Thanos in front of the fans in the Infinity War. Fortunately, they succeeded and accomplished what they wanted by making the audience like his character.

Hulk – The opening of Infinity war showed a slugging fight between Hulk and Thanos. At first it seemed that the Green Rage Monster will easily handle Thanos but then Thanos got bored and dispatched hulk. However, after this, Hulk and Thanos never faced each other again in neither of the two films.

Loki – In The Avengers we saw that both Loki and Thanos wanted to take over Earth but they failed. However, after that they reunited but again their relationship got strained. And them Loki tried to stab Thanos in the starting of The Avengers: Infinity War.

Drax – Thanos used the Reality stone to disintegrate Drax. He was alive but couldn’t do anything. Later, they again coincide in Titan but still Thanos turned out to be more powerful.

Star Lord – Star Lord had to point a gun at Thanos to save his girlfriend. However, later he aims it towards Gamora.

Spiderman – spiderman also got an opportunity to fight with Thanos in infinity war.

And the list consists of more heroes, for instance, Doctor Strange, Captain America, Iron man. black Panther, Black Widow etc.