Emily in Paris: Emily Cooper is Taking on the World with her Sharpness and Ideas! Here’s Why it’s a Must Watch in this Despondency filled Year

With several shows and series readily available on the broadcasting platforms such as Netflix and amazon prime, some of them remain to be on the top ones on the list of shows that have a great and likable fanbase. The reasons could be several, either due to the storyline of the series or it could be the characters that are liked by the public. Emily in Paris is one of the series that is a famous one for the youth and people of a certain age group. The reasons why we believe it is good to watch are as follows. Chose the one that best describes your preference.

5 reasons why Emily in Paris is so binge-worthy | Vogue India
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  1. The character is either liked or not liked by the public- as the main character, Emily has the responsibility of living up to the expectations of the public. Her behavior that is naggy and bitchy might not be liked by many but also is the reason that makes her the center of talks.
  2. The love dilemma- her attraction towards both attractive men who are now her exes or it be the chef, has always been the talk of the town and have been the reasons for her character to be discussed.
  3. One’s ability to see the best in the moderately good.- the show has been known for showing a variety in the places or the people that are shown in it. From one extreme to the other, all are witnessed in it.

    Emily in Paris review: A seductive fantasy of millennial laziness - Vox
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  4. The variation in styles- the 10th episode shows a scene of a fashion show being organized. There were a bunch of differently dressed and appearance people. The ramp walk to the entire fashion show, all have been the center of attraction of the show.
  5. The conquering nature- Emily’s ability to speak French, her determined nature is what reflects highly on the series with a chain of events that signify the same.