Jennifer Lopez Shows up with her Album ‘This Is Me… Now’ For the First time in 8 Years

‘The Emotional, Spiritual and Psychological Journey’ of Jennifer Lopez’s “This Is Me… Now”

The release date for Jennifer Lopez’s upcoming musical endeavor, “This Is Me… Now,” was revealed on Friday morning. The singer’s first full-length project in eight years will be this one.

Lopez released a track listing for her upcoming album, which includes the title “Dear Ben Pt. II,” which is presumably a follow-up to the album’s “Dear Ben.”

Recently, Jennifer Lopez in an interview with Vogue gave a statement that the album will be “the most honest work she has ever done” and that she hoped to construct a world around the music, akin to Pink Floyd’s “The Wall,” but with love as the main theme.

The album is said to touch on Lopez’s difficult upbringing, her failed romances, and the extraordinary emotional journey she has been on. This album embodies a philosophy, a period in time, and a reflection. The release concludes, “It’s about hope, faith, and real love never dying.”

The list of her upcoming track collection is been listed below:

  1. This Is Me… Now
  2. Be Yours
  3. Mad In Love
  4. Can’t Get Enough
  5. Rebound
  6. Not. Going. Anywhere.
  7. Dear Ben pt. II
  8. Hummingbird
  9. Hearts and Flowers
  10. Broken Like Me
  11. This Time Around
  12. Midnight Trip to Vegas
  13. Greatest Love Story Never Told

The album where the song “Dear Ben pt. II” is mentioned is about Bennifer’s romance (Ben & Jennifer Lopez), in which the pt. I was dedicated to the actor on the CD jacket.

Jennifer Lopez & Ben Affleck
John Russo/ On The JLo

The couple rekindled their romance this summer and got married in Las Vegas soon after Lopez’s Netflix documentary film “Halftime” was debuted.

Jennifer Lopez with all her new entries and style going around, also recently acted in the romantic comedy “Marry Me” with Owen Wilson, and with new projects adding up to the list, she will next be seen in the December release “Shotgun Wedding.” Lopez will also portray an assassin in the upcoming action “The Mother” as part of a deal with Netflix and her Nuyorican Productions Label.