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It took a Pandemic for People to Realise that Celebrity Culture is Not Worth Following

It’s time we understood the difference between us and them

This year had been one big dumpster fire so far. Not just for us, but for those in the limelight who thought that we idolised them. Many still do, and will continue to do so once this year and it’s horrors are behind us, but I’m happy to notice that some of the “woke” citizens on the internet realised that celebrities cannot understand the difficulties that normal people face on a daily basis.

What caused this?


Back in March 18, when lockdowns were first initiated, Wonder Woman star Gal Gadot and a bunch of other celebrities posted a video of them singing “Imagine” by John Lennon. The idea was to remind people that everyone was in this together. While I can appreciate the sentiment, I couldn’t help thinking, “How is this supposed to help me feel better?”

As the year progressed, we got to see many horrors, most notably the murders of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor, and while celebrities came out in support, nothing much happened. We got to see Arnold Schwarzenegger in a video with his pet donkeys telling us to stay home, Jennifer Lopez’s quarantine “adventures” which got more and more annoying, and many other celebs and so-called “influencers” trying their hardest to sound relatable, but nothing really worked.

Fan asked celebs to actually show support to the Black Lives Matter movement instead of posting a black square and posting a paragraph under it, and tried doing the cancel culture thing on Ellen DeGeneres, but neither worked. However, they continued watching the celebs closely and any error they made was met with immediate backlash.

So what’s the conclusion? Well, the celebs would really be doing us a huge favour by just keeping quiet and not really trying to win our affections during a time when the rest of the world is trying their hardest to get by.

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