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Fans Are Worried About The Late Arrival Of Anime Series POP Team Epic Season 2!

Fans pretty much loved the comedy anime series Pop Team Epic when it arrived with its brand new first season, however, the first season finale left behind a question mark on when the second season is going to arrive for anime lovers.

Is Anime Series Pop Team Epic Returning For A Second Season?

Based on the manga series that follows the story of two fourteen-year-old girls named Popuko and Pipimi and Al their misadventures and twists that comes thereafter. The series deal with some fun profits followed by absurd surrealism and more that has received a positive response from anime fanatics.

However, despite the big success of the anime series, it has been quite a while since fans are waiting for the second season. The first season premiered back in 2018, and it’s almost been two years since there has been any update for season 2. The first season is one of a kind with two teenagers setting out for a lifetime of adventures that are not all flowers and sugar but more than that and fan loved that part for sure.

The Pop Team Epic First Season Premiered Back In 2018.

Now with the end of this year as well, there is no way that the anime series his not arriving anytime before 2021 or early 2022 if the studio is at all planning to develop a second season. Given the fact that it is a lengthy process for the making of an anime, there’s still some more waiting to do for fans as the two teenagers are not returning anytime soon. You can definitely watch the first season which is a fun riot with hilarious absurdities along the way that will tickle your funny bones. 

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