Is Colin Jost not sure about getting married to Scarlett Johansson? Is he rethinking the entire wedding plans?

And yes, the coronavirus pandemic is the antagonist in this matter

Scarlett Johansson and Colin Jost are talking about having their wedding another day, as they do not want to hold it during the coronavirus pandemic.

The Avengers actress and the Saturday Night Live Star had planned to have the wedding sometime in early 2020 after their engagement in May 2019, and recently, Colin confirmed that their plans have been affected, due to the global health crisis, and they will not be holding the wedding as it won’t be safe for large gatherings.

Doing the smart thing

Colin made an appearance via webchat on SiriusXM’s Andy Cohen Live where host Andy asked, if the pandemic has made him rethink his marriage plans.

To this, Jost stated, “Of course. We don’t even know what’s legally allowed. This is not the time to get all your elderly, at risk relatives all in one group…who knows!”

Previously, Colin, 38, who is one of the star players in Saturday Night Live, and had been with Scarlett, 35, since 2017, admitted that he was worried about losing his identity when he started going out with her. When he was asked if he was worried about only being known as her boyfriend, Jost said that it was definitely a worry.

He also said that he was scared of marriage before getting engaged to Johansson, as he got different reviews from different people, and was seriously considering if he should do it or not.

Johansson is one of the highest paid actors in Hollywood, and her part in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Natasha Romanoff, aka, Black Widow and her recent part in Marriage Story has proved that she’s one of the most bankable actresses in our generation.


(Cover: Khaleej Times)