Ezra Miller Hints on Ben Affleck’s Future as Batman with Cryptic Instagram Story

Will Batfleck stay in the DCEU?

Ezra Miller loves making cryptic posts, and the Justice League star has just made another one. His latest one seems to hint that Ben Affleck might stay as the Batman in the DCEU even after The Flash. That came as a huge surprise because Affleck recently spoke about being done with the character. He even spoke about the difficulties he had while working with Joss Whedon and personal problems that made him lose interest in the role.

Read on to find out what happened.

Ezra’s Instagram story

Ezra's Instagram Story
Ezra Miller/Instagram

Miller posted a screenshot of an article about Ben Affleck’s final appearance as the Caped Crusader. However, Miller wrote “HAHAHA” in the red spray brush font. It seemed very similar to the graffiti that is associated with the Joker.

A couple of weeks ago, Miller had posted a cryptic video, where he was seemingly threatening members of the KKK. No further explanation was given on the subject, and fans have wondered what the actor is talking about.

But various rumours have all but confirmed that Affleck is indeed leaving the DCEU. His Batman is believed to die at the end of The Flash, while Michael Keaton’s Batman will establish himself as the primary Batman in the DCEU. Keaton is even expected to appear in HBO Max’s Batgirl movie alongside Leslie Grace. If this new bit of information was true, many fans will be pleased as Affleck’s Batman has a large collection of fans.

A Batman multiverse

The Flash movie
Warner Bros.

Will any of this affect Robert Pattinson’s Batman. Hardly, at this point. Director Matt Reeves has been clear about establishing a separate universe that has nothing to do with the DCEU. But Warner Bros. doesn’t have the smartest set of people associated with DC films, so they might try something just like they did with Justice League. Let’s hope everything works out for them.