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Sam Smith accepts Shawn Mendes’s apology for misgendering them, says, “We’re all learning together”

This came after Mendes used the wrong pronoun to identify Smith

“Señorita” singer Shawn Mendes issued a public apology to Sam Smith via Instagram stories thus Friday for misgendering them.

During iHeartRadio’s Jingle Ball, Mendes used “he” to address the “Dancing With A Stranger” singer. Smith uses “they/them” pronouns and has identified as non-binary since last year. Their Instagram profile also says so.

Identity is everything


Smith responded graciously to Mendes’s apology and said that we’re all learning together and wished him happy holidays.

Smith, 28, identified themselves as non-binary and genderqueer during an interview with actress and body image advocate Jameela Jamil on March 2019. The Oscar and Grammy-winning singer was 16 when they stopped wearing masculine clothing and spoke about it to Jamil during the first episode of her “I weigh interviews” series on Instagram. Smith said that afterwards, they used to wear leggings and full makeup everyday, and became a “gay clown” in the village they grew up in.

Smith changed their style as their music career gained momentum and spoke about their feelings finally catching up with them. They said that there had always been a bit of a war between their body and mind, and admitted to thinking like a woman sometimes, and wondering if they need a sex change. In fact, they still think about it.

Smith added, however, that it’s unlikely. When they got to hear the words non-binary and genderqueer, they had a revelation and realised that this was the way for them. Smith feels that gender is on a spectrum, similar to sexuality and says that you fall in love with people and not their genitals.

Smith declared their gender officially on social media in September 2019.


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