Here are surprising factors about Greyhound actor Tom Hanks! Find out his net worth and much more.

Everyone of us have wondered about the salaries of top celebrities at least once in our lives. And net worth of Tom Hanks is mostly wondered about because of him being one such big celebrity with a large fan base. So here we have brought the data about his net worth through this article.

About Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks is a jack of all trades, he is not just a brilliant actor but a director, writer and producer too. And here is the big information for which you were eagerly waiting, the net worth of Tom Hanks is approximately 400 million dollars. No doubt, the actor is one of the highest paid and most demanded actors in the Hollywood.

Tom Hanks has has the title of ‘most consistent box office money making star in the whole world’. His lifetime box office gross for just domestic violence places is higher that 4.6 billion dollars.

His very first big earning was for the movie Splash, that released in 1984 for which he got a paycheck of 70,000 dollars. After four years in 1988 the actor got a fee of 1.75 million dollars for another big release. Whereas, he got a lump sum of 5 million dollars for Punchline in the same year. And in today’s market the value of these $5 million is around 11 million dollars.

Since then the actor’s income has always kept increasing. Till 2010 Tom had collected around $300 million merely through his movie salary. In today’s era this amounts to around $450 million. Well, this is making you go ‘awww’ but these datas are just from salaries for his movies. The directing and producing payments aren’t included in it yet. And these datas are a proof of his hard work.