Miley Cyrus rescued a stray bulldog recently and named it after a famous supermodel! Who is it?

Miley Cyrus has got a really soft heart. She recently adopted an abandoned bull dog that was rescued by the California firefighters from Fresno. The pup was first taken to North Central Fire Protection District Station and then after some weeks, the twenty seven years old singer adopted Daisy, the bull dog. Isn’t that adorable? Well, what I’m gonna mention below is more adorable, so keep reading.

Jacob McAfee, one of the firefighters who rescued the bull dog and who is also the Station’s deputy fire chief said that she was in a pathetic condition. Fleas were covered all over her body and this made her smell really bad. Moreover, he also said that seeing her condition they could assume that the dog was wandering through the street for quite a long time. And it was clear that she was abandoned by her owner.

The rescuers took the dog, Daisy to The Wagmor Hotel and Pet Spa in Los Angeles for some pampering. However, due to the issues she has with her skin, and also her hip issues and eyes issues, the organization wasn’t able to find a new home for Daisy. Well, the organization also posted a photograph of Daisy on social media and that’s where Miley Cyrus found it.

She saw Daisy’s picture on her Instagram and contacted the agency’s owner, Melissa Bacelar and got the cute little Daisy adopted. Melissa later said that the dog is really lucky to be sleeping on Louis Vuitton sheet with Miley Cyrus, while the same dog used to spend her days on a mat outside the fire station in Fresno. And the pictures that Miley has posted with the dog will make you fall in love with both of them.