Amber Heard Claims Warner Bros Wanted Her Part From Aquaman 2 To Be Entirely Cut

WB has already scaled down the scenes the actress had filmed

The legal case between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard has taken an interesting turn. Heard is the one losing roles and getting her scenes cut. Amber Heard is the DCEU’s Mera, and first appeared in Justice League, before properly appearing in Aquaman. She is currently being sued for defamation after she called him an abuser and The Sun published an article. She also wrote an op-ed for The Washington Post, and is now facing intense backlash for it. And now, her role is in danger. Read on.

Amber Heard on Warner Bros.

Amber Heard
Warner Bros.

Taking to the stand on Monday, Amber Heard testified that Warner Bros. originally did not want her to return for Aquaman 2. She said she “fought really hard” to be part, and was given multiple scripts. Each script took away scenes of her character, which included fight scenes.

Since last year, there was an ongoing fan petition to remove Heard entirely from the DCEU. Currently, it stands at 4.1 million signatures. Warner Bros. commented that they will not be reacting to fan pressure and will only do what’s right for the film. It is understandable that an important character like Mera cannot be easily replaced.

WB’s Ongoing Troubles

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp

Warner Bros. are currently dealing with two troublemakers: The Flash star Ezra Miller and Amber Heard. Miller had been getting into fights while on vacation at Hawaii and the executives are looking to replace him. Rumours suggest that Dylan O’Brien seems to be the likely candidate. Similarly, fans have been rallying to replace Heard with Emilia Clarke for the role of Mera. Clarke is already good friends with lead star Jason Momoa and has a beloved fan following due to Game of Thrones.

Let’s wait and see how Mera is dealt with in the sequel.

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