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A review on Mr. Deeds, and how it has proven useful for Adam Sandler’s long career!

The comedy is currently available on Netflix

Netflix contains a few Adam Sandler movies, as they have cut a small deal with Sandler’s production house Happy Madison. Currently, we have the western comedy The Ridiculous 6, The Meyerowitz Stories, the underrated gambling film Uncut Gems, and his recent stand-up special with his old SNL buddy David Spade.

So it was not much of a surprise when his 2002 movie Mr. Deeds suddenly comes and immediately attracts users who had nothing to watch. The movie had pretty much bombed when it was released, having got a 22% on Rotten Tomatoes and even nominated thrice for a Razzie Award.

So what makes it special?

The movie is a goofy remake of a 1936 Frank Capra film but even with the bad ratings, it remains one of Sandler’s most underrated comedies, and contains a lot of stupid gags, like the frostbitten foot bit, and many funny lines.

After seeing it, you sort of understand why many find the film to be a rude take on the Capra movie, as that’s part of Sandler’s comedic charm. Critics like Roger Ebert said the movie “breaks the mood with absurdly inappropriate ‘comedy’ scenes”, but these scenes actually make it re-watchable. The movie presented Sandler in what he has established himself as in the movies he has acted in – a slacker, but still funny. For the purists, his movies such as Billy Madison, Happy Gilmore, and Big Daddy would be enough as they are all good movies, and presents Sandler in a better image. Also, the comedy in these movies won’t look inappropriate or absurd to anyone.

But Mr. Deeds is a movie that successfully presents Sandler in all his glory, and is definitely enjoyable.

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