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Twitter fans are extremely confused with what is going on between Jeffree Star and his latest basketball player boyfriend!

Is the makeup mogul with another man, or just creating more controversy?

Jeffree Star has been in news a lot for the various trouble he stirs, with his supposedly racist scandals, and his association with YouTuber Shane Dawson, who had landed himself in hot soup and is pretty much dead at this point. But the latest is of him landing a new boyfriend. The Jeffree Star Cosmetics owner recently uploaded a picture of himself sitting on a mystery man’s lap, but the man’s face was hidden.

However, he had a lot of tattoos on his arm, and that was enough for Twitter detectives to reveal the identity to the rest. The man is a basketball player named André Marhold, and plays for a German team.

Instagram story

A cover-up?

Star posted a few pictures on his Instagram stories of the two together, and it seems they are pretty much a thing right now. This is leaving Twitter users shocked as Star was involved in a lot of racist scandals, and even recently apologized for the second time after the disastrous fallout of Dramageddon, which also involved fellow YouTubers Tati Westbrook, James Charles, and Shane Dawson. Users are now speculating that Marhold is a publicity stunt and that Jeffree is paying him to date him.

Instagram story

A user called @tomorrowmanx called Star out saying, “What Jeffree Star is doing is ultra calculated. I hate to even help his name trend, but I just want his fans to know we see that foot faced trailer park corpse bride exploiting racial tension to sell products.”

Other responses had been similar, and even Marhold was called a sellout. Jeffree responded by saying that he doesn’t pay to be dated, and told users to work on their own problems.

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