The Brand New Exciting Anime Series that You just Cannot Miss! Check Out the Entire List Below

While fans definitely cannot have enough of all the anime shows, the streaming platforms are making sure that you all are spoilt with more choices for this holiday season.

Don’t Forget To Watch Some Of These Newest Anime Series

1. Erased: This psychological amine is the best release in town and will keep you hooked till the very end. The central protagonist of the anime, Satoru has the gift of going back in time and making things right before something bad happens. However, will he be able to do the same when something terrible is about to happen to him?

2. Kid Paddle: This new anime is all.about exciting adventures and loads of video game fun. Moreover, these nine kids pretty much confuse the real life and the life that they see on these videos games, what’s next for them? Well, you need to witness all the fun in this interesting new anime show.

3. Fire Force: It’s been only two-three months sine this anime show returned with a brand new season 2, the new season is all set with Shinra and the rest of the company 8 members. They are geared up to face the next big threats and the action begins with a new season. So, fans who all were eagerly waiting for it and watch it on Netflix at once. The first season received overwhelming response and now the second season is also here. Here’s the official trailer of the second season.

4. Japan Sinks: As the title itself suggests, the series is the newest one in town that follows the story of Sayo Komatsu’s bestselling 1973 sci-fi novel with the same name. A family’s fate is out to test when an array of disasters hit the city with dangerous affects.