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Japanese anime series Dororo’s season 2 getting closer to a dead end. Read latest updates here

Dororo is a Japanese manga and anime series. The first anime series of Dororo was aired between April and September in 1969. That time the series was animated by Mushi Productions studio. However, MAPPA again decided to make a new version of Dororo anime. The first season was released on 27th of January, 2019 and it ran until 24th of June, 2019. It has been more than one year but there is no latest news about the season 2 of Japanese anime “Dororo”.

When can we expect from season 2 of Dororo?

The answer to the above question depends on another question. That question is “Why makers have not release any renewal statement for season of Dororo?” Probably the answer is that the makers do not have an ultimate synopsis. Creators cannot spoil the series just for the sake of season 2 and money.

However, as a fan we can guess that season 2 may pick up the new journey of Hyakkimaru. He may get back all his body parts. But this is a very basic storyline. Creators need something really powerful and engaging to create the plot pillars of season 2.

When will the season 2 of Dororo roll out? Is there any official statement made yet?

Sadly, no! There is not even a single statement regarding the anime’s season 2 renewal. All we can do is just waiting and if there is no news of the renewal then the fans should let go the anime. But, let us not loose the hope and stay positive for season 2.

Team of season 1 of anime television series “Dororo”

It was directed by Kazuhiro Furuhashi and it was written by Yashuko Kobayashi. It was aired on Tokyo MX, BS 11 and Jidaieki Senmon channel.

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