Kylie Jenner faces reprisal for making profit from the pandemic by releasing a hand sanitizer


Well, it is not something new and latest that Kardashians and Jenners are facing backlashes for their actions. In fact, 2020 was nothing but a phase of facing backlashes. Currently, Kim Kardashian is in trending for filling a divorce from Kanye West. She and her rapper husband Kanye, are seeking for divorce says reports.

However, coming back to Kylie, she is facing trolls for releasing a hand sanitizer in name of pandemic. There were people waiting for its release but maximum of netzines found it really upsetting. Fans think that big personalities like Kylie instead of realizing the seriousness of death percentage in America are just profiting from the pandemic.

Kylie officially announced on Tuesday that she has finally released her hand sanitizer

The supermodel have her own skin brand. Previously it was in trending for releasing the Grinch make up kit. In fact, there were more negative comments for her sanitizer. Very less people appreciated it but maximum were criticizing her for not understanding the death of Americans of COVID-19. For now, almost 350,000 Americans has died of COVID-19. That is the highest number of deaths in any country. Kris Jenner, Kylie’s mother also promoted her daughter’s brand on twitter.

However, as already mentioned in the beginning it is not for the first time Kardashian or Jenners are facing trolls. Recently, Kim was accused for releasing face masks through her brand skims. That time too, she also faced same kind of backlashes Kylie is facing currently. The masks were available in 5 colors and was worth of 4 for $25.

On top of that, Kardashian and Jenner sisters were trolled for not following the social distancing rule. They also broke multiple CDC guidelines to celebrate both Thanksgiving and Christmas.