Great Pretender- what happens when the Japan’s greatest con man gets fooled instead? Check out release date, cast, plot and latest updates.

This is another anime that will serve as a great watch during the quarantine period

Great Pretender started streaming on Netflix Japan from June 2, 2020, and has found quite a big fanbase. This made anime watchers from the rest of the world jealous as it’s not yet arrived, and based on Netflix’s distribution policy, it’s not going to come anytime soon. So if anyone’s getting impatient, search for other sites.

Great Pretender is funny and upbeat, and takes place on international waters. It’s a story about conmen, drugs, the mafia, and probably any illegal activity related to these groups. The show presents a really interesting take on all these.

Is it worth watching?

Definitely. Great Pretender brilliantly portrays the world of conmen, accompanied with some amazing animations and locations. The story is fast paced and refreshing. The characters are entertaining and funny in their own ways. Also, the story is set in Los Angeles, where crime, glamour and just about everything takes place.

Its a good watch for anime veterans as well as those who are just starting out. You don’t need to dive straight into Naruto or One Piece and can start with something fun like this.

The main character of the show is Makoyo Edamura, who goes by Edamame whose goal is to become the best conman of Japan. But he once tries to dupe a foreigner with his partner Kudo, and ended up losing his money. His pride takes damage and he decides to follow in this stranger’s footsteps and ends up in Hollywood. This stranger, who is a Frenchman named Laurent Thierry, already had many crime networks and decides to use Edamura for duping an infamous millionaire. The rest of the story takes place from there.

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