What is the reason behind the delay of Colin Jost and Scarlett Johansson’s wedding? Check it out.

Marriage is a relation that binds two individuals in their souls. The two individuals then have to face each other and their deals together. What belongs to one belongs to the other and is irreplaceable. The relation is unique in existence.


No two individuals who come in the bond of marriage then have any setbacks. They reinforce each other and help others through tough times. The day when the two get married is special for the individuals as then they share an irreplaceable bond and have many endeavors to share.

What is the status of Colin Josh and Scarlett Johansson?


The two had dated for two years and will tie the knot together soon. The individuals were in love throughout the time they were together and have a special bond to share. It has been a great time for which the two have stayed together. The two had decided to get married in 2020 and tie knots. However, the pandemic has rendered helpless to every individual.


No industry can face the grunts of the pandemic that has rendered it boneless. Economy, entertainment, and every other industry had shut down for a while. The comeback to normalcy will be a tough one to gain. The reason why the two are not getting married, despite the year almost coming to an end is as said by them the pandemic that has stopped every activity.


As said by the two, it’s the pandemic, however, the real reason may vary, considering how the two are seeming to have differences over the past few days. Considering the situation, if the pandemic, the two might have to wait a little longer than they would have thought about.