‘Fruits Basket: Prelude’ Trailer Teases Final Chapter of Tohru Honda’s Story, Movie Heading Oversees

Fruits Basket has reached its (possible) end

We have received a trailer for Fruits Basket: Prelude, the prequel story about Tohru Honda’s parents. The trailer came out to announce overseas fans of Fruits Basket that the movie will be arriving to select theatres in their country. That’s right, the movie is come to the United States and Canada. Read more to know what the story will be about.

About Fruits Basket Prelude

Fruits Basket Prelude

This small arc was originally included among the other chapters in the manga by Natsuki Takaya, which ran from 199 to 2006. However, the anime production team decided that it deserved the big screen treatment. Fruits Basket: Prelude tells the story of heroine Tohru Honda’s parents Kyoko and Katsuya Honda. The story doesn’t get entangled with the troubled Soma clan, but instead shows how the delinquent and outcasted Kyoko meets and falls in love with her schoolteacher Katsuya.

The entire series is about friendship and healing, and Fruits Basket: Prelude continues that. The original 2001 anime received a moderate amount of support, but it was fairly light-hearted. However, the 2019 reboot took the anime community by storm. The story was so touching, and the characters were so complex, yet endearing that the entire manga received a faithful adaptation with added bits.

Fruits Basket: Prelude Cast and Release Date

Fruits Basket Prelude

The voice actors include Manaka Iwami as Tohru, Miyuki Sawashiro as Kyoko, and Yoshimasa Hosoya as Katsuya. The movie was written by Taku Kishimoto, with character designs by Masaru Shindo. The music is composed by Masaru Yokoyama and art direction is done by Tamako Kamiyama.

Fruits Basket: Prelude released in Japan on February 18, 2022. It’s dubbed and subbed versions will be coming to the United States on June 25, 28, and 29, with tickets going on sale on Friday, June 3.

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