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The Transformers Movie Franchise Might Be Expanding Their Horizons With Some Spin-off Projects!

While fans cannot have enough of the Transformers family, we wonder whether the movie franchise is going to go ahead with their seventh instalment or not. Well, we might have some lead on the Transformers franchise development right here in the article given below.

Is Transformers Returning For A Seventh Installment?

Fans might be a bit heartbroken as production giant Paramount has finally pulled the plug on Transformers 7. Apparently, the studio has decided to drop the seventh installment, and now the franchise rests with their sixth and final movie.

However, fans need not worry as the franchise might have found a new home in the Bumblebee universe as a brand new Transformers next live-action movie in the franchise, has tapped down its new director in Steven Caple Jr.

Some Spin-Off Transformers Series Might Be Happening!

While the franchise has not been able to gross an impressive box office number over the last few movies, given the technical enormity of the project and goes expensive this movie project can be, it seems like the studio had to bring back a new outlook and perspective given the popularity of the movie franchise.

However, it is not only the franchise that has been revived but an animated prequel is also reportedly in works. This project will serve as a prequel to the Transformers film series and will serve as an origin story and is rumored to be centering around the relationship between Optimus Prime and Megatron on their home planet of Cybertron while continuing the story right where it left odd. Fans have not yet received any additional details about this animated spinoff project that is still under development with no advancement ahead till now. 

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