Boruto teases the upcoming meeting between Kawaki and Naruto

Spoilers follow so proceed at your own discretion

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is going to show Naruto and Kawaki’s first meeting in the new episode. The Vessel Arc started months ago and Kawaki was finally introduced in the series, after being featured shortly in the very first episode.

Kawaki is already very popular with the manga readers, and following his first fight, anime watchers are turning their attention towards him as well. Following the fight, he got taken into Konoha’s custody as Boruto and his friends are trying to figure what their next move is. So is the Hokage of the Hidden Leaf Village as Naruto racks his brain to figure out what to do with this kid.

The new episode

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The new episode is all about the fallout of Team 7’s recent S-Rank mission, and since they were able to recover Kawaki, Naruto and the other higher ups are trying to figure out how to proceed, since Kawaki had been referred to as a “vessel” that Kara is trying to catch hold of. But since he’s still a child, Naruto wants to personally know if he’s a danger to himself and the rest of the village.

Heading over to investigate

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In order to understand if Kawaki has violent tendencies and won’t hesitate to kill, Naruto sets out against Shikamaru’s warnings. We later see him heading off with Sai to Kawaki’s location and while Naruto gets warned time and again to proceed with caution, he doesn’t seem worried at all.

In the next episode, we will see them coming face to face for the first time. How do you think the meeting between a person who is a vessel and someone who is referred to as a vessel will go?

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