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Teen Titans: What went Wrong with Season 6 that Left it Unattended? We Might Finally have Answers for your Questions. Read Further to Know the Details

Why did this season go unproduced?

That was the question fans asked when the first animated Teen Titans series cancelled it’s sixth and final season. This was a season that was supposed to air between 2006-2007 with the story focusing on Starfire but Warner Bros. cancelled it. To this day, many of the show’s loyal fans are requesting for it to be released but there’s been no news so far and it’s likely to stay that way since various other adaptations have been released ever since then.

The show’s history

Cartoon Network

The first but of information regarding the show’s cancellation came in mid-November 2005 when reported it. Fans tried to show their support so that Cartoon Network would air it. But many days later, word came that Cartoon Network had terminated the show. According to actor Wil Wheaton, who voiced Aqualad, the decision came after the new Warner Bros. animation executives didn’t like the pitch for the sixth season.

This claim was refuted by the series story editor Rob However who said that Cartoon Network made the decision and not Warner Bros. and that the crew was informed about this during the writing phase of season 5. Producer David Slack said that he was given different reasons regarding the cancellation, such as the drop in ratings after the “scary” season 4 or Mattel wanted to end the show as Bandai had control over the show’s toy line. Cartoon Network had announced that Mattel was their “master toy licensee” in 2006.

A pitch was made in 2012 where the Titans were shown in their 2003-2006 designs, but they were made smaller and more childish, which later became the Teen Titans GO! series. The show has been getting good reviews as of late.

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