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Marvel Theory Update!!! Marvel Theory: Outlawed Will End With A Champions/Runaways Team-Up??? Check out to know!!!

If you are a Marvel Comic fan, then this blog post is definitely for you. Well, have you read out the latest issue of Champions?? If yes then fine and if not then be prepared, there might be spoilers inside. The new law for teenage super-heroics will end with the collaboration of Champions and Runaways teased out in the latest issue. Check out the blog post to know!!!

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How is Viv Separated from her team???

Viv is a young hero who is the daughter of Vision. In the latest instalment of Marvel’s Outlawed event, you will see how Champions, the only team has not been detained yet, are running away to protect themselves from the new law that was created against Teenage Supe-heroics. This new law has made the superheroes being outlawed. According to the new law, the people above the age of 21 are forbidden to become super-heroes.

Viv got separated from her team Champions and has to be on her own because of the guilt she is facing due to her role in the incident that led to the creation of the new law that was against the Teenage Super-heroics. Viv has fled to Kansas where she has isolated herself away from her family, friends and team. However, the Champions think that Viv is dead by now.

What happens in Champions #3?

Viv has disguised herself and has moved to Kansas in the latest issue. Having heard the cry of an elderly woman named Cora, she comes to restore power to her home. To show her thankfulness to Viv invites Cora to show her hospitality and serves her food. During this scene, there was the most important hint teased by Cora which can make us guess the future team-up.

The future team-up between Champions and Runaways to protect themselves from the new law and to end it.

Marvel Theory: Outlawed Will End With A Champions/Runaways Team-Up

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