George R.R. Martin’s ‘The Ice Dragon’ set to be another Highly Awaited Animation Movie!

The original short story was published in 1978

George R.R. Martin has made a huge impact in the world of storytelling and television. His A Song of Ice and Fire books contains some of the best elements of fantasy and binds them to a crooked world of human rulers. After the success of Game of Thrones and the recent House of the Dragon, with a season 2 on the way, the veteran novelist will now have another new project that will be getting the television treatment. Earlier this year, it was announced that a Jon Snow spin-off series with Kit Harrington returning as the titular character. But this time, we are getting an animated adaptation from a George R.R. Martin story.

George R.R. Martin’s Next Title

The Ice Dragon | George R.R. Martin

Surprisingly, this story is not connected to the Game of Thrones series. George R.R. Martin explained during an interview with Penguin Random House that he occasionally wrote other books that were not connected to Westeros or any of that. Out of this was a 1978 short story about a dragon, and it was called The Ice Dragon. As the name suggests, one of the lead characters is an ice dragon.

The story follows a child named Adara, who was born during the worst freeze that ever existed. As a child, she befriends an ice dragon and becomes its rider. The creature went on to become of the most feared beasts and was considered a legend. Years pass, and war breaks out, coming all the way to her farm. Dragons and their riders swoop down to attack her family. Adara decides she will end this and mounts her ice dragon, and goes to war.

An Animation

The Ice Dragon
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George R.R. Martin said that Warner Bros. would bring the story to life in an animated format. They will turn it into a movie since a short story cannot be turned into an expansive series. It will be arriving in theatres in the coming years.